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Getting closer...

Since my last post (which was far too long ago), a lot has happened, both within the band and personally.

We've really been pushing ourselves to where we feel we should sit on the circuit, which has taken a lot of energy and effort. We've also begain testing of the projection screen and brought in extra help to manage it. As well as this, I myself have started my own business, which has taken the majority of any previously spare time I had. I'm going to try and update this, as and when there are changes.

Since the last post where there were a few pedals laid on the floor, the rig has changed probably 3 or 4 times, each time getting closer to that end goal. The latest revision will see the rack go double width (like Gilmours '94 rig) and will also see the use of an Axe FX to manage the delays. This will avoid the complicated mixing that was previously employed. Reliability is very much up there with tone, as far as my priorities go with my rig.

As the rig has grown, I've had to deal with several reliability issues that come with bodging new bits of equipment in. Hopefully the new double width enclosure will allow me to have room to add something for a gig and remove it or make it a permanent fixture if it performs well.

Signal chain at the time of writing this:

Guitars fed into Radial JX44 w/MIDI


  1. JAM pedals Seagull (can you tell we started performing Echoes...?)

  2. Boss CS-2

  3. MXR Script Dynacomp

  4. Ibanez CP-9 Compressor/Limiter

  5. Digitech IPS-33B

  6. Boss MZ-2 Digital Metalizer

  7. Pete Cornish P1

  8. Pete Cornish P2

  9. BK Butler Tube Driver (Set for Heavy overdrive)

  10. Pete Cornish G2

  11. Proco RAT

  12. Pete Cornish SS-2

  13. Sovtek Big Muff

  14. BK Butler Tube Driver (Set for Mild overdrive)

  15. Pete Cornish LD-1 Line Driver

  16. BK Butler Tube Driver (Set for Boost)

  17. Electric Mistress (Rack Mounted)

  18. Taurus Electronics DuoVibe

  19. Boss CE-2 (Rack Mounted)

  20. Demeter Tremulator (Rack Mounted)

  21. MXR Script Phase 90

  22. Ernie Ball Volume Pedals (Lap Steel and Main Guitar)

  23. Free the Tone FT-1Y Delay #1

  24. Free the Tone FT-1Y Delay #2

  25. Dynacord CLS-222 Rotary Speaker Simulator

Amps etc...

Radial JX44 w/MIDI Distributes the signal to the following:

Hiwatt DR103 with WEM Starfinder 4x12 Cabinet

HiTone DG50 Combo Amp

Hiwatt T20HD Head with Heil Talkbox

Miscellanious gear:


  • Peterson R450 Rack Tuner

  • Korg Pitchblack mini tuner

Power Supplies:

  • Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 (2 of)

  • Voodoo Labs Mondo

All cabling Van Damme with Neutrik Plugs

RJM Mastermind GT22 Foot controller

That about wraps it up for this instalment. Any questions, then just drop us a line either via the website chat box, via email -, or come and have a chat after one of our gigs. I'm always keen to let people see what we're using and how it sounds.

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