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Upcoming Changes...

Below are a few additions to the rig, which I'll be making over the course of the next few weeks

  • 2 x Free the Tone Flight Time Delay's (FT-1Y)

  • Formula B Vintage Vibe

  • Boss Digital Metalizer

  • Ibanez CP-9 Compressor Limiter

  • MXR Custom Shop Script Dyna Comp

  • Pete Cornish LD-1

  • Pete Cornish P-2

  • BK Butler Tube Driver (with bias mod)

In addition to the pedals above, there will be the following pedals (which are currently being built):

  • Pete Cornish SS-2

  • 2 x BK Butler Tube Drivers

  • MIDI Controlled Input & Output Interface (Rack Unit)

Keep checking back, as I intend on doing some in depth videos on all of the effects above...

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