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Upcoming Changes...

Over the past few weeks, I have invested heavily into the rig and I think this next step will take me closer to the tone than I have ever been before.

My plan is for the following setup:

Signal chain will be:

MIDI controlled input selector to choose between:

- Black Gilmour Signature Stratocaster - Candy Apple red Stratocaster with EMG’s - Jedson Lap Steel - Martin/Taylor Acoustics via Pete Cornish Acoustic Preamp/D.I.


- Boss CS-2 - MXR Dyna Comp - Ibanez CP-9 - Digitech IPS-33B - Seagull Wah box - Boss MZ-2 - Cornish P1 - Cornish P2 - Tube Driver #1 - RAT with GE-7 - Cornish G2 - Cornish SS-2 (Pete is now building this for me) - Green Sovtek Big Muff Reissue - Tube Driver #2 - MXR Script Phase 90 - Longamp Roxanne Flanger (Electric Mistress Clone) - Formula B Vintage Vibe - Boss CE-2 (Mono) - Source Audio EQ2 - Dealing with overall volume, via MIDI CC messaging and all EQ settings - Delay 1: Free the tone Flight Time Delay FT-1Y - Delay 2: Free the tone Flight Time Delay FT-1Y - Dynacord CLS-222 - Boss CE-2 (left channel)

This will then go through a fully isolated MIDI controlled output selector, which will allow me to switch between the following five outputs:

HiTone 50W Custom Fender Hot Rod Deville/Fender Twin Yamaha RA-100 Hiwatt T10 > Heil Talkbox D.I. > FOH

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